Scorched Earth

Last Fall I got to experience a controlled burn at the LBJ National Grasslands.  At the time I didn’t know it was a controlled burn.  I was devastated when I saw ‘my’ charred Grasslands.  There were still some open flames in areas.  By the time my hike was over, I had ash all over my clothing and I wondered if my Grasslands would ever be the same.

When I visited the Grasslands recently, I came upon another area that had experienced a controlled burn.  Now that I’m more familiar with the concept, I was more accepting to see the beauty.  Here is a photo from the trip.

I chose to turn the photo to black and white and really like the outcome.


But as twisted as this sounds, I like to showcase what I see and not manipulate the photo too much.  The ‘art’ I create is meant to represent what I saw at that moment.  With that said, the photo below is the untouched version in color.  And now I’m forced to eat my words – I think the black and white version is better!  The small green leaves are distracting in the photo below.  But the photo does give you the opportunity to appreciate the charred log.


Camera:  Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (Rockalita Sunshine)
Date:  January 22, 2017
Location:  Happiest place in the metroplex:  the LBJ National Grasslands