Big Bertha's Adventures

Mr. Liberty Wolfe

What should I name my new creepy doll?  I toyed with different options.  Then traffic started backing up—I was somewhat grateful as it made it easier to navigate across multiple lanes.  And that’s when I had a realization.  I’m traveling south on Interstate 35.  I’m voluntarily traveling south on Interstate 35!

I was shocked I managed to trick myself into doing this.  Tricking me takes skill.

For several months I’ve avoided driving anywhere out of my ordinary routine—and even my routine can spook me.  I’ve certainly not come close to approaching the downtown Dallas area.  It took wanting a creepy doll to distract me from my fear of driving.

My thoughts shifted back to the doll and its name.

I took the exit off of Interstate 35 and then remembered the hassles of parking at the antique store.  No parking spots were available on the street.  I found a very cozy spot in a small parking lot nearby.  I had no idea how I’d get the car out but decided to block the concern.  Instead I focused on the prize waiting for me in the antique store:  Mr. Liberty Wolfe.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The silly doll wasn’t meant to have any purpose or meaning—other than adding to my stash of creepy dolls to photograph this year.  But for me it represents the fears, anxieties and the triumphs in life.  Plus it’s a fun doll I can scare my friends with.  😉

Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera used:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Styling:  The doll was brought home and disinfected.  The shirt was bleached, starched and pressed.  Blue clothing hand washed and scrubbed clean.  I was surprised how sharp the doll looked for the photo shoot.
Gender:  There was discussion among my friends on whether the doll was male or female.  The frilly lace suggests female but I also have male friends that dress up in frilly pirate costumes….



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