Big Bertha's Adventures

Random Object Wednesday: Saving the best for last!

Today’s Random Object Wednesday is the final feature for 2013.


I received an envelope in the mail on December 24th from Anthony, my godson who is almost three years old.  When I saw who it was from I decided I’d wait until Christmas to open it.  What an unexpected treat that was not only tasty and artistic but also perfect for Random Object Wednesday!  I wonder if he planned it that way?  What a very clever little boy!

Here’s a look at Anthony’s artistic abilities.  Not only did he design the Christmas card but he also decorated these cookies.

Big Bertha's Adventures

You might remember the last time I photographed a plate of cookies they were fake.  These cookies certainly are real.  I could smell them as I photographed them – I had to remind myself not to take a bite before the photo shoot was complete.  😉

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here are some close-ups of Anthony’s artwork. Blue is my favorite color.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I like the color combination of the pink and green.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I converted the photo to black and white.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Then I went really crazy with Photoshop!  Good thing the original card isn’t harmed.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here’s a final photo and a hint of what will be arriving soon to a sweet little boy.  Thank you Anthony!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera used:
Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

December 25, 2013

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