Big Bertha's Adventures

Sparkly Footwear

I’ve been holding on to two photos since July. When I took the photos, I told my friend Jeff, “you wait and see!  I’ll put these photos to use!”

Jeff didn’t disagree. In fact, he expressed interest in seeing how I’d use them.

It turned out I was a bit overconfident.  I haven’t had any use for the photos.

But while browsing my blog today I noticed the category for New & Abandoned Shoes needs some work.  It just so happens I can populate that category with two more photos.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

Why did I take these two photos?  Probably just to prove it could be done.

Date:  July 2013
Camera:  Canon G11

2 thoughts on “Sparkly Footwear

  1. There’s a story behind these shoes. Maybe they belonged to a runner and he/she lost them as he ran faster and faster…trying to get away from a grizzly bear…or a cheetah…;-)

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