Photographing Strangers

My friend Jeff Crump invited me on a photography adventure back in May 2013.  We went to a place I’ve wanted to photograph for awhile… the Greyhound Bus station.

As we approached the bus station, there was a man that caught my eye.  He was perfect for my photos.

Since I had Big Bertha…
I thought I could easily and discreetly take his photo from a distance, hopefully without him noticing.

Since I had Big Bertha…
a very large camera you don’t see everyday, taking photos discreetly isn’t really an option.  The man noticed I was taking his picture.

Since I had Big Bertha…
people assume I am a professional photographer or work in the media industry—which is a major advantage over having a disposable camera, for instance.

It turns out the man was eager to be the subject of my Greyhound Bus station photo shoot.  I excitedly crossed the street and directed him on where to stand.

Here’s a look at the photos from the shoot

My attempt at being discreet.

Greyhound Bus Station

Once the man noticed I was taking a photo, he voluntarily posed for me.

Big Bertha's Adventures

After talking with him, he was a willing subject for my photo shoot.

Big Bertha's Adventures

This unplanned photo shoot with a stranger turned out to be one of my favorites.  

Big Bertha's Adventures

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