Searching for Memories by Jerry McKay

Meet Guest Blogger, Jerry McKay, a member of the Visual Art League of Lewisville

Preface:   I met Jerry McKay (JAM), a member of the Visual Art League of Lewisville, in the first member meeting I attended.  She was very instrumental in explaining how art submissions work and it’s because of her I hit the ground running.  I am very grateful to her!

JAM has an art piece in the Day of the Dead exhibit that is on display now through November 27th.  When I first saw the piece it really stood out from the rest.  It is clear it has meaning.  Sometimes I wish everyone could stand next to their art and give an elevator pitch.  I like to know the meaning and the emotion behind a piece.

While at the opening reception for the Day of the Dead and Call of the Wild exhibits, I got to ask JAM about the piece.  It’s a very touching and relatable story.  She agreed to share the story in my blog, along with her art piece.

Searching for Memories by Jerry McKay (JAM)

“Mothers-in-law can be scary creatures.  We worry about living up to their standards, but I was the lucky one.  Mine was special.

To begin with, we shared the same first name, so once married, she and I shared a name, and one very special man, her son.

She was a gentle spirit, perhaps influenced by her indigenous roots.  She loved nature, was a warrior for the underdog, patient, and she was an artist.   She nurtured my love for art and helped me to see beauty in small things.

I remember walking with her along the lake edge, where we would collect pieces of driftwood, holding them up to find the faces hidden in their snarly twists.  We gathered pieces of colorful rocks, feathers, shells, bits of glass, and other tidbits that she would later paint.

Mother Jerry passed last year with Covid at age 92.  I inherited her supply of scraps and fragments, her paint brushes, unused canvas, and other collections.  She would smile, knowing that this inheritance inspired me to learn new art mediums, to share my art more freely with others.

This piece is a tribute to her memory.  The original photo was taken two years before she passed.  Dementia has set in.  At the moment it was taken, she noted the birds singing in the trees and was reminded of a time she couldn’t quite remember.”

Searching for Memories by Jerry McKay

Visit the Grand Theater in Lewisville to see Jerry’s art in person.  You’ll find it along with other inspiring works by VAL members in the North Corridor, Main Gallery and the North Display Case.

Also be sure to visit Jerry’s websites to see her portfolio of work.

Tip and JAM in Wonderland


Jam McKay Photography and Digital Art

Grand Theater
100 N. Charles Street
Lewisville, TX  75057

Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Current Exhibits:
Call of the Wild:  Oct 30 – Nov 27
Day of the Dead:  Oct 30 – Nov 27
Holiday Magic:  Nov 2 – Dec 31

Visual Art League of Lewisville

5 thoughts on “Meet Guest Blogger, Jerry McKay, a member of the Visual Art League of Lewisville

  1. JAM, also my friend, is a wonderful, kind and talented woman. I adore the images she creates. It was a nice surprise to find this feature in your blog, Denise! Thank you for showcasing this amazing lady!

    1. Yes, I agree! I’m so happy I met JAM at my first VAL meeting. She fast-tracked me on this path of creativity in the group. Was very thrilled and grateful she agreed to write a blog. ❤️

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