Poodle Lifestyle magazine

Premier issue of Poodle Lifestyle Magazine!

Tore Bellis and I had so much fun with the Poodle and Bear photo shoot for the Call of the Wild art exhibit for the Visual Art League of Lewisville.  It was inevitable that the enthusiasm would pour into other creative possibilities.

Introducing… Poodle Lifestyle magazine!

The premier issue features topics important to poodles and those wanting to embrace the poodle lifestyle!

I considered mocking up a Letter from the Editor and Table of Contents… but that would be over-the-top.  😉

Poodle Lifestyle magazine

This will be an ongoing series of magazine cover mock-ups.  The cover text practically writes itself.  Be sure to “subscribe” by following this blog.

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Cover photo courtesy of Tore Bellis.  The original photo is on display in the Call of the Wild exhibit through the Visual Art League of Lewisville at the Grand Theater.  The exhibit runs now through November 27, 2021.

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