Cocktail Creamery

Boozy Ice Cream in Historic Downtown McKinney

Alternate title:  I don’t always have alcohol but when I do, it’s in ice cream! 

Oh, the wonders of targeted social media ads!  Recently an ad for the Cocktail Creamery appeared in my feed during a road trip adventure.  (Tore was driving).  I clicked around, examined their website… and proceeded to read every single menu item out loud to Tore.  The names and descriptions for the flavors sealed the deal.  We must go.  And whoever the author is, he or she has a passion for ice cream AND for writing.  

This last statement can be backed up.  I was curious to discover other boozy ice cream shops in the neighborhood and was surprised to find another option.  I reviewed the website and flavors.  They were mundane, standard fare.  No pizzazz, nothing over-the-top, imaginative or fun.  I clicked away and set my focus on the Cocktail Creamery.    These are my people.  🙂 

I suggested we go for my birthday.   

My plan lasted several weeks but I decided I couldn’t wait until my birthday.  I suggested we pre-try the ice cream—just to be sure it’s delicious… we were mostly in the neighborhood anyway.   

If you don’t know your way around downtown McKinney, have no fear.  Parking is convenient.  There’s a parking lot behind the building (catty-corner) and there are plenty of other lots that are within walking distance.  Plus, it’s always fun to walk the historic downtown. 

Below is a view of the storefront.  You can enter from the front of the building or the back.  

Cocktail Creamery

Cocktail Creamery

A glimpse of the menu below!  So many delicious flavors!  There are also sherbets, sorbets and non-alcoholic options.  Visit their online menu here.  They have specials that aren’t listed, so you’ll have to make a trip ASAP before they are gone.

Cocktail Creamery

Tore had a limited edition called “Crunchy Girl Boozy Cream.”  It is vanilla ice cream, infused with cocoa liqueur and chocolate granola.  Wow! 

I cracked under pressure.  I couldn’t remember which I wanted weeks ago but I felt confident any choice I made would be delicious.  

I was right.

I had the Butter Bourbon Pecanator (with a name like that, I have to order it!)  I told the gentleman who served me a sample, “this has changed my life.  I’ll take a medium!”   


Cocktail Creamery

Two happy customers who are coming back and bringing friends!  

Cocktail Creamery

Visit the Cocktail Creamery About Us page to learn more about the couple responsible for this wonderful establishment.  And be sure to sign up for their rewards program through the Clover app while you’re there.   

Oh!  If you have a four-legged fur baby, you’ll want to pick up some special doggie ice cream.



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