Empirical Whimsy


I’ve been extremely focused on activities other than creating:  specifically, eating a daily salad and exercising.  I wondered if the spark of creativity was extinguished.  One night I decided to test myself by making an art piece.  I started and finished it on the same night.  That’s a new world record.  😊

The inspiration flowed freely and all the components seemed to come together as if they were always meant to be.

I hope this whimsical piece inspires the owner to flourish no matter the circumstances.

Empirical Whimsy

Component Highlights:

  1. Discarded piece of metal
    Found near the gate of Ball Knob Hill Cemetery at the LBJ National Grasslands in Decatur, Texas in 2021. I decided it was better to remove it than risk someone running over it and damaging their tires.

    I cleaned it up and spray painted it gold. The shape reminds me of a fallen tree.  I wrapped the piece with decorative trim to suggest growth, like moss and fungi.

  2. Photo
    The photo is part of a treasure trove of old photos my aunt gave me. There’s no relation or connection to them, so this gave me license to use the original photo (not without a lot of guilt!)  I do have the photo saved digitally as well.

    There were several small photos to choose from but I was looking for one that was whimsical. The smiling young woman with the large feathered hat is perfect!

  3. Door Knob Component
    The “frame” for the photo is from a doorknob that I disassembled from my home. It was the perfect size to frame the photo.  I embellished the frame with a feather and netting to mimic the woman’s hat.
  4. Old Button
    The button is from a jar of old buttons I bought from an antique store last year during COVID and the shelter in place directive. Normally this button would drive me crazy.  You don’t have to look closely to notice the glue holding the rhinestones.  While this would normally appear to be a “flaw”, I think it’s charming for this piece.
  5. Screw
    A little piece of Harry Hines Blvd./Walnut Hill. Perhaps I take a little too much pride and humor in using detritus I’ve found from that part of town.  In a previous life associates and I would pick up litter (nails, screws, anything that could damage our tires) near our office during lunch.  Somehow, I managed to keep some of it and enjoy cleaning it up and turning it in to art.
    The screw is used in the back of the piece to keep the golden tree secure.

This piece is available for purchase on my Etsy page, Empirical Whimsy.

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