Covid Christmas Tree

COVID Christmas Tree

I don’t typically put up a Christmas tree but 2020 is different.  I even splurged and purchased a pink tree because unconventional is fun.

COVID Christmas Tree

Speaking of unconventional, I didn’t have any ornaments that would work and I wasn’t willing to spend any money on ornaments.  I also didn’t want to create a vintage themed or a flamingo themed Christmas tree.

No, I took my Christmas décor in an entirely different direction…

Covid Christmas Tree

The Ramen noodles were a recent acquisition from Kroger, they are back in stock and at the normal going rate for inexpensive noodles. (beef flavored Ramen had risen in price to just under $2 earlier this year.  Gasp! I had to switch to chicken!)

I made a bow for the top of the tree using as conservative an amount of toilet paper as possible.  For added flair I sewed a pink decorative stitch down the middle of the toilet paper.  (It had to coordinate with the tree!)  I contemplated some machine embroidery but that’s going a little too far. (Translation:  I ran out of time)

I’m especially pleased with my toilet paper roll decorations.  I had one empty paper towel roll that I cut up into smaller pieces then I attached a few sheets of toilet paper to each roll.  Once I ran out of the paper towel roll I used brown cardstock paper and made my own rolls.  Classy! 😉

COVID Christmas Tree

It was a real win when I found the germ-x brand of sanitizer about a month ago.  I think it looks terrific on my tree… at least until I need it when I leave the house.  The off-off-off-off brands of sanitizer just aren’t the same as germ-x.  But I am certainly grateful for what I have!

COVID Christmas Tree

In keeping with my unconventional COVID Christmas theme, I chose an unusual base for the tree.

A toilet!

COVID Christmas Tree

I placed items underneath the Christmas tree that are particularly poignant this year.  Genuine Lysol spray in my favorite linen scent, real Purell brand sanitizer, wipes, bleach and yeast to name a few.  The outhouse art is a bonus, it’s something my friend gave me many years ago.

I should mention the toilet bowl has never been used.  It is clean.  Have no fear.

Since I’m going for a completely outlandish display, it seemed appropriate to include my creepy ventriloquist dolls in the mayhem.  Percival and Mortimer were quite willing to participate.

COVID Christmas Tree

Certainly not what I would have imagined in my living room for Christmas 2020.  But nothing about 2020 was imaginable.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Incidentally, if you like my quirky, unconventional style, be sure to visit my Etsy shop, Empirical Whimsy.  And if I’m a little too over-the-top for your taste, I have some mini-wall hangings with positive messages that have a broad appeal.  They feature machine embroidered quilting and some of my signature applique techniques.    Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest product listings throughout the year.

One thought on “COVID Christmas Tree

  1. This may not be the tree we expected…. It may not be the tree we asked for… but it is exactly the pink tree we NEED. I am so proud of you!

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