Memories of Tomorrow

For Christmas 2019, I visited Crystal Bridges of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  It is my favorite museum because it has art that fits my taste.  

One of the art displays featured books with Borax crystals.  This intrigued me.  

I wasted no time when I returned home – I purchased Borax (found in the detergent aisle) and started playing.  If I wait too long inspiration and motivation fade.  

You can search online for the steps for using Borax for art projects.  Basically, you heat a pan of water, mix the Borax and place your item in the mixture to crystallize.  The process does not take days as I had expected.  It happens within hours. 

I tried paper, dried flowers, screws, pom-poms, string… and my personal favorite a latex glove.  (This  was before COVID-19 hit.  I would not waste a glove today.)

The glove took some effort, I blew it up like it was a balloon, tied a knot and did my best to submerge a balloon in a pan of water…

I spray painted the glove and the results were fantastic.  But then my motivation peaked – I didn’t know what to do with the glove.  Given the trouble it took to create, the project had to be something unique and special.  A few months passed and the motivation returned.

I spray painted an embroidered butterfly.  The silk flower was a pale pink which I spray painted bright pink for a more cheerful effect.

The more challenging part was coming up with a word or phrase.  When none of my ideas worked, I enlisted the help of my friend Tore.  As expected, he rattled off the perfect phrase:  Memories of Tomorrow.  Then he followed it up with his usual banter that he can’t just come up with phrases on the spot. 

I printed the phrase on vellum and my project is complete.  

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or something in between – having to shelter in place because of COVID-19 may be making you stir crazy.  Grab some odds and ends around the house and make an art piece.  It doesn’t have to make sense or appeal to anyone.  It’s a creative outlet for you to enjoy.  

Thank you to:
Tore Bellis for coming up with the phrase.  Without it, the project would remain unfinished.
Dawn Wester for the virtual scrapbooking assistance for paper selection and the arrangement of items.  


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