Spread Smiles, not Coronavirus

Social media can be a fun and useful tool, as my friends have proven. My ventriloquist dolls have an Instagram page, mainly because I didn’t want to flood my own Instagram with creepy doll photos. (Not all my friends are fans of creepy dolls, gasp!)

Quite unexpectedly, my dolls have acquired a small following and among them are other dolls and even a dog. My dolls frequently interact with their online friends by posting comments on posts, as one might expect with social media. But this week was unusual. The dolls received a message from one of their favorite pals, Chance Loves Plaid. They were invited to participate in a fun little project….

Mortimer does his part to promote hand washing.
Mortimer does his part to promote hand washing.
Finnegan, Mortimer and a handful of hands…
Stella the Torso and Liberty Wolfe holding a peculiar sign that simply says “the”. Since they weren’t pleased with the boring word, they insisted on pom poms, and a string of flamingo lights for pizzazz.
Percival doing his best to look happy while wearing a doggie rain jacket that was a struggle to put on and take off. But he took one for the team.

By now you are likely wondering what these random photos are all about. The dolls and I were as unsure as you when we took the photos with seemingly random words. We submitted our photos to Chance and behold the grand project…

A collaboration of dolls across the US and even Australia to send a message: “Wash your hands, you are the key to safety!”

“Wash your hands, you are the key to safety”

Special thanks to the Instagram gang that I’ve never met in person but we sure do have fun spreading smiles on social media:


Be sure to check out their pages, they are amusing and creative. Also, don’t forget to vote for Chance Loves Plaid. He’s running for President. 😉

Stay safe, everyone!

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