An afternoon at Midway Mall

Sherman, Texas has a mall.  If you live in the DFW metroplex I would hazard to guess you were not aware of this detail.  I certainly wasn’t until recently.

On a whim my friend Tore and I packed our cameras and Winthrop Marling III and headed to Midway Mall for our first visit.  Here are the highlights from our adventure.

The photo below might be my favorite.  The primary colors and the creepy clown with the missing nose make the shot.

Not sure which is creepier.  The doll or the clown.

Winthrop running amok in the mall.  (For the record, Tore instigated this behavior.)

An overindulged and exhausted Winthrop.


Did you notice anything peculiar about the photos?  Perhaps you noticed the absence of people.  It’s possible I snapped the photos at just the right angle.  Or maybe this was a slow day at the mall.


The answer:  the mall is dying.


I’ll share additional photos of the mall in a future blog post.  They won’t have the creepy doll but they’ll still have an element of creepiness as dying malls usually have.


Date:  October 13, 2019
Camera:  Canon 5D Mark IV

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