Midway Mall, Part II

This is Part II from my adventure to Midway Mall in Sherman, Texas.

I visited the mall’s website to gather background information about this mysterious mall no one has heard of.  A screenshot from the site is highlighted below or you can visit the site directly here.

To quote the website:  “Midway Mall’s location is ideal, situated on Texoma Parkway smack dab in between the cities of Sherman and Denison… as well as the booming sprawlburg of McKinney.”

I had to look up the word “sprawlburg”, apparently Webster doesn’t know either.  But we can certainly infer they are describing the rapid growth of McKinney.

On the same website there is a link to view a PDF brochure of the mall.  It includes fun little factoids including the year the mall opened, which if you guessed the 1980s by the decor, you are correct.  It opened in 1986.  Again, if you lived in the area at that time, how did you not know about this place?  One explanation, at the time, U.S. 75 had a lower speed limit and was not as wide.  So few people would have wanted to travel “that far away”.  Or perhaps malls like Collin Creek Mall, Prestonwood Mall and Valley View Mall served the immediate community.  (Incidentally, all three of those malls have reached their demise).

Enough rambling.  Let’s take a look at my photos.

Food court

A reminder of a time before cell phones…

Old advertising.  Much like the photo above, there are generations that will never know a K-mart!

I am not certain but I’m guessing the random man is standing in front of a former Sears.  I’ve seen him standing in front of closed Sears locations in other blogs.  This must be a trend. 🙂

Unlike retail, the plants are thriving at this mall.  The filtered light from the tent structures make it an ideal environment.

I hope the plants are saved if/when the mall is demolished.

It boggles the mind that a few familiar stores remain open.

Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret.

Sears and JC Penney’s are gone.  But Burlington Coat Factory and Dillard’s remain open.

Visiting Midway Mall was like stepping back in time.  I hope you enjoyed the journey.


Date:  October 13, 2019

One thought on “Midway Mall, Part II

  1. Yet this mall still manages to hang on. Why who knows. A teen bar just opened there and just had a shooting. This is a mall that just won’t die. So 😢.

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