The Aristocrat Motor Inn

The Aristocrat Motor Inn, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Across from The Arlington Hotel, the Aristocrat, caught my attention. Not knowing anything about it, I decided to take photos and research later.  According to Wikipedia, the hotel was built in 1963 and is included on the National Register of Historic Places.


Using NewsBank, I was able to find some old advertisements featured in the Dallas Morning News.  For purposes of clarity, I removed the irrelevant content, so that you can focus on the content related to the Aristocrat.  Citation information is included in each jpg.  To view the advertisements in full size, click on the image.  If viewing on a laptop, you may also see an option “see full size image”.

The first advertisement is dated April 14, 1963.  The Aristocrat is hiring a chef.

“Chef Wanted”

“Must have fine hotel experience, and be willing to assume complete control – purchasing as well as banquet catering.  For luxurious Motor Inn Clientele.  Submit qualifications, references and salary anticipated.”

Newsbank - Dallas Morning News

The second advertisement featured below is from June 2, 1963.

Selling points from the advertisement:

“Room-controlled, year-round air-conditioning.”

“Refrigerators and bathroom telephone extensions in every room.”

“… And much you never even dreamed of before.”

I know what you’re thinking, “sign me up!”  😉

Below is an advertisement from December 8, 1963 from the Dallas Morning News.  I’ve typed the highlights below with some modern-day updates to give perspective.

Enjoy a single occupancy, 4-day holiday for $68.75.  In 2019 dollars, that is equivalent to $575.48 for this 4-day holiday.  If you’re on the fence, check out what the package includes.

Package includes:

  • “The Aristocrat’s finest room accommodations.
  • Whirlpool bath and massage in your room.
  • 2-hour sightseeing tour to all points of interest.
  • Complimentary champagne.
  • Complete breakfast each morning.
  • Dinner in the fabulous Rib Room one evening.”

What a deal!

One more advertisement, to entice you.  This one is dated January 6, 1974.  A King size bed is $18.00 per night.  In 2019 dollars, that is $93.52.  Before you commit, you may want to see photos.  Read on…

NewsBank - Dallas Morning News

When I returned home, I made the inevitable purchase of the postcard from eBay.  The postcard shows the building during its prime.

There are two people standing at the window in the top left.  The sign is prominently displayed and lit in front of the building.  Check out that car and that swimming pool.

The Aristocrat Motor Inn The Aristocrat Motor Inn

Now let’s take a look at more recent photos.

The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat The Aristocrat

View of the remaining sign on the left side of the building, facing the t-shirt shop.  This was also the hotel where I found the luna moth featured in an earlier blog.

The Aristocrat

While taking photographs of the hotel, I concluded the building is likely no longer a hotel.  I did some sleuthing and was able to confirm it is low-income housing, subsidized by HUD.

I found a recent article, dated April 20, 2019, from the Hot Springs Sentinel Record.  The newspaper article covers a recent HUD inspection, bed bugs and mold.   Click here.

The building has seen better days.  Only time will tell if it will receive care and attention to restore it to it’s former ‘glory’.  The brief research I did on this hotel makes me appreciate the hotels that are old but have been renovated with great care and attention.  I’ll be showcasing a newly renovated hotel that fits this description.

One last note.  NewsBank is a wonderful resource you may have access to through your local public library.  If your library subscribes to NewsBank, you can access sources like the Dallas Morning News archives from the comfort of your home.  It’s a treasure trove of information that will keep you up late at night or eat up your early morning.  It’s also a deeper research tool than a simple Google search.

7 thoughts on “The Aristocrat Motor Inn, Hot Springs, Arkansas

  1. I’m staying in the Arlington and was so intrigued by what the Aristorcrat once was. So thank you for sharing this info.

  2. I am a tenant at the Aristocrat Manor n thus far, we have been without air for almost a month…They rig the “Chiller” to get them by but it just shuts off within 24 hrs… The part that is needed by Carrier to repair the unit is over $4000 & owner, Marshall Coffman (Coffman Investment Co & Coffman Holdings LLC) would rather keep rigging the “Chiller” than to get serious & order the damn part already… Also The Entire Building Is FULL OF BLACK MOLD… I cringe Everytime I see a roach run outta site… Also The Bedbug Infestation Is Beyond Belief… U can ask anyone here, This Is a True Story!! I don’t know if you did any additional follow ups on The Aristocrat Manor but in October of 2019 The Owner, Marshall Coffman, PLED NO CONTEST TO 34 DIFFERENT VIOLATIONS OF THE CITY’S PROPERTY MAINT. CODE…THIS TOOK PLACE IN GARLAND CO. DISTRICT COURT, HOT SPRINGS, AR… Yes, it does have History, for instance, back in its Glory Days ELVIS & The Stones Frequented!! But Look At How Dilapidated & Awful It Looks Now…The Rent Is Unbelievably Cheap & Utilities Are Included… I along with other Residents Ask Management Periodically When Is Coffman Going To Fix The Aristocrat Signs Outside & We Were Met With a Its Too Expensive & He Is Not Interested In Fixing It… I asked why not because we are on The Historical Registry & We Need To Take Pride In Our Accomplishment As Such… No Such Luck. Deaf Ears. Then also everyone that parks on 2nd or 3rd floor parking level no longer have the ability to go to floor level safely by elevator. Instead We (Elderly& Disabled People) Must Walk Down/Up a Very Very Steep Hill THAT IS DARK AT NIGHT & VERY UNSAFE… THERE HAS BEEN ALOT OF INJURIES TO ONESELF JUST TRYING TO GET OUR GROCERIES TO OUR APTS. & HERES THE KICKER…THE PROPERTY MANAGER & HER SECRETARY GET TO PARK ON THE BOTTOM FLOOR. THE ARE NOT ELDERLY OR DISABLED… THAT IS WRONG ON SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS… ALL BECAUSE MARSHALL COFFMAN DOESNT WANT TO PAY TO HAVE THE ELEVATOR IN THE PARKING GARAGE FIXED…

    1. Hello Slim Shady,
      Thank you for finding my blog and commenting. I have been trying to research more as a result of your comments. Those are very horrible living conditions.


  3. The Aristocrat Manor as they call it now days is owned by a man that doesn’t care about anything but money . The building is full of mold & some people that live there have bed bugs . The owner will not spend the money to fix it up & its going downhill fast . I live there right now & its not a good place to live & im trying to find a place I can afford but this place is sucking the life out of me.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I think those loving conditions would break most anyone. There are enough challenges in life with Covid and everything else going on– a person’s home should be that one place where you can find respite. I hope you are able to find a better place soon.


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