Funeral for a Jewel in the Community

I happened to come across Jolene, the jewel beetle, during a hike in Arkansas.  I placed her carefully on a leaf with the plan to have a funeral ceremony.  My friend Tore handed me a larger rock to carry the beetle.  He didn’t realize my plan of carrying the beetle (and now the rock) all the way back to the beginning of our trail.

Jolene, the Jewel Beetle

The rock wasn’t that big or heavy compared to other things I’ve hauled back.  During the hike I decided to pull some Latin hymns out of the archives of my mind.  It created a solemn walk. 😉

Jolene the Jewel Beetle

Once we returned to the beginning of the trail, I set up the funeral with my mourners and priest.

It was a proper send off for Jolene.


Date:  August 2019
Location:  Hot Springs, Arkansas
Cameras:  iPhone, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Notes:  If you follow the blog regularly, my mourners are the most used of my many miniatures.  I didn’t expect to have so many funerals but apparently there is a need!  🙂

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