Dancing on the Rooftop at The Adolphus, Part 3

I walked giddily to the rooftop pool at The Adolphus. Depending on the point of view— we were overdressed. Tore was in his tux and I was in my mod dress and boots— we had finished our meal from The French Room. We danced in The Grand Ballroom. Now it was time for rooftop dancing.
The DJ was playing unfamiliar music as we settled in to our seats. Then in an instant I sprang up— the first notes of the next song beckoned me. It was time to cha cha.
I could paint the picture but you can probably imagine it. No hyperbole. The young crowd stopped and watched us. They cheered us. It’s that moment when a lifelong wallflower branches out and blooms like a moonflower at night. The song ended and we returned to our seats.
Another bucket list item was checked off at The Adolphus.

Additional posts to come about my adventures at The Adolphus.

Be sure to check out previous Adolphus Hotel posts.  There’s a handy link to the entire category here.


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