Confetti, Balloons & Chocolate

Yesterday I walked in to Dianna’s office minutes (more like seconds) after submitting all my receipts for last month’s credit card expenses.

Denise:  “Dianna!  Did you see?”

She of course, had not. It had only been seconds ago.  The app that she maintains for the receipts hadn’t refreshed yet. But that didn’t deter me.

“Dianna!  Is there a button in your office that releases the confetti from the ceiling? Where’s the parade?”  I looked behind her office door hoping to find people waiting to start a parade.  I was ever anxious to celebrate my grand accomplishment. (I DETEST tracking down receipts).

We chuckled at my absurdity as I went back to my office.

This morning I walked in to my office as usual. I paused, looked at the spectacle and laughed.

My desk was covered in balloons filled with confetti.  I grinned as I entered Dianna’s office.

Denise:  “Dianna! I got my parade!  Thank you!”

Dianna:  “Did you see?  There’s chocolate too!”

I looked at her with a mischievous grin.  “You know what this means?  People are going to find out..and they’re going to want the same treatment if they get their receipts turned in on time!”  We chuckled at this thought and I suspect we were both thinking the same thing:  if only it could be that easy.

Confetti, balloons and chocolate.

This little story is an example of Dale Carnegie’s principles at work. (We both graduated from the course).


Dale Carnegie’s Principles:

Give honest, sincere appreciation.

Put enthusiasm into your work.

Create happiness for others.


Admittedly as I finish writing this story I now hear the naysayer in my head saying: you want a gold star for doing your job? Do you want one daily?

No. We don’t get gold stars as adults. We get paychecks for doing our job. And if we’re really fortunate, we get raises and bonuses.  Between the paychecks and possible raises and bonuses is the daily grind. The daily grind can be very taxing.  It’s full of deadlines, goals reached, opportunities taken and missed.

A little bit of levity exercised by two peers can be a welcome change of routine from the daily grind.  It certainly makes the workday lighter and happier.


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