Last day at the office. Part 3

Cleaning my office was like an archeological dig.  I uncovered layers that represented different positions and responsibilities I’ve had over the years.

I took the opportunity to purge most everything that wasn’t necessary.  But before I did I took photos.

Here are generic samples of a direct mail piece.   I’m not sure why I kept them for so long!

Here’s a business reply card we made over 10 years ago.

The photo below shows files from old volumes of the magazine.  Incidentally, I’ve been around since Volume 12.

Many of our writers and advertisers helped us celebrate our 100th issue with cupcakes, fruit baskets and well wishes.  Although it feels like yesterday, it was the Sept/Oct 2016 issue.

My coworker Sam Solomon and I took a moment to photograph a gift from one of our advertisers.  Among other duties, Sam is responsible for the layout and production of the magazine.  And if you think I’m the company historian, Sam has been at the company even longer than I’ve been there!  We were grateful to receive acknowledgement for our efforts.

Here are Editorial Calendars collected over the years.  I’m happy to report our best calendar is from 2018.

Publishing an embroidery magazine means our snail mail often comes embroidered!

The photo below is a mix of fun elements:  blank pages representing future content in the magazine, fan mail and old school memory cards with embroidery designs on them.  Today we are able to transfer designs to embroidery machines using a cable, USB stick and even WiFi.  Embroidery designs are sold as automatic downloads, USB sticks and CDs.  Times have changed!

Back in the old days, I used floppy disks.

This photo is odd but it takes me back to another time.  No, we didn’t have a retail store in our building.  But we did have occasions where we needed cash registers at sewing and embroidery conventions.  My first convention was in Arlington for the Martha Pullen event.  I came alive when I had a chance to sell and demonstrate our products in person.

The photo below was a stitch-out I made for our company blog.  I intentionally left that dust bunny in the shot for dramatic effect.  Fred, the dust bunny, has gone to a happier place….

If you’re remotely familiar with me – you know I focus on one subject or activity and explore it to the nth degree.  The fairy houses below are no exception.  I made an entire fairy metroplex in a very short period of time.  It was a wonderful creative outlet right after my car accident.  I tried throwing out my fairyland a month ago.  I placed them in a box and into the trash.  But at the last minute I rescued the box from the trash and kept my treasures.  But while packing for the move last week, I got fed up with all my stuff.  I said my final goodbye to fairyland.  I gave the box to Sam to make sure it really did end up in the trash this time.

We will shift gears a little for this next segment.  No, I haven’t been holding on to these tacos to feed the dust bunnies.  The photo represents a moment in time at the office.  I call it my Taco Photo Shoot.  I photographed the t-shirt with the tacos in one position.  Then I carefully rotated the tacos and took another photo.  My team was able to make a fun gif that gave the appearance that the tacos were moving.

I don’t think I ended up eating the tacos after I was finished….

Here’s a behind the scenes look at another of my wild hare ideas.  I was showcasing our new snazzy marketing materials for our dealer stores.  Percival was assisting in hanging the signs, of course.  The final shot looked nothing like this.  The wonders of bokeh and careful cropping do the trick.

Those long tall hallways served me well.

The shot below looks simplistic but it’s a momentous occasion.  I stayed late and was determined to figure out how to use a tubular embroidery machine on my own.  As my smile suggests, I was successful.  The Baby Lock Alliance and I are good friends.  And yes, I stitched my shirt.


Speaking of shirts, I’ll wrap up this blog with one more t-shirt I stitched at the office.  The photo is not entirely a shameless, self-promotion – although that is one of my better blue hair days.    The popcorn design is from one of our advertisers and I used software to add text, “I’m here for the show”.  I think those words are a good way to end today’s post.

This series will continue.  Thanks for reading.

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