Last day at the office. Part 4

I stopped by the old office building one last time.  The movers were removing the last items from my office. They informed me my desk was already at the new location. One of the movers commented that I looked sad and he assured me it would be ok.

I arrived at the new location only to discover my office had become miniaturized. I didn’t know what to do or where to begin.  To keep myself motivated, I decided to forgo my frappuccino until I made enough progress unpacking.  It worked.

After a couple hours my office was unpacked and looked good. It’s remarkably more functional than my old space.

Highlights from the new office:

My Gladiator painting got hung in a prominent location. Strength and honor!

I got the embroidery machine’s engine revved up by 3 pm on Monday. I ached for the comforting hum of the Janome 15000 and I loved filling the office with the sound.  (It’s actually a pretty quiet machine but it beats the sound of people unpacking.) The first design stitched in the new building is a “random” letter D from a new design collection.

I paraded down the halls with my finished design.  It felt just like the old days in our former office.

I embroidered all week in my new office. And at the end of each day I tidied up and vacuumed loose threads to prevent a dust bunny population explosion.

I’d like to close with a final photo.  The camera shaped pencil sharpener was a gift from a dear friend and colleague, Joanne Banko, to celebrate my new office.  I didn’t open the box until move in day to motivate me to pack/unpack and organize.


I love my new office space.

This concludes my series.

I have new blog themes lined up in my head – I’ll share them soon.

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