What motivates you, Grandma?

I’m excited to report this week’s blog post features my grandma on video.  She’s 80+ years young and I’m very happy she agreed to participate.  The video is in Spanish.  For those that don’t speak Spanish, the summary:  God and family motivates Grandma.  (that’s the gist of what my high school level of Spanish can provide).



  • If you’d like to read some stories from my grandma, she has her own blog:  Esta noche una escritora ha nacido.  (Tonight a writer is born!  By Conchita Holguin).    We haven’t kept up with it but the stories posted are still charming.
  • Thank you to my aunt Pat who recorded the video.
  • I have a couple more entries submitted for the “What motivates you?” series.  For those that have said yes, feel free to turn in your text/photos at any time.  For those who haven’t volunteered, what are you waiting for?  For those that have said, “maybe” I interpreted your reply as a resounding yes.  😉
  • If you’ve missed past entries, visit this convenient Motivation page.

4 thoughts on “What motivates you, Grandma?

  1. Awesome post and it’s really inspiring and helpful. I loved your thoughts so much 😊. Thx a lot for the post !!

  2. ¡Absolutamente conmovedora esta señora! Ella sí es una autentica inspiración.
    Enhorabuena a la familia, tenéis mucha suerte con vuestra abuela. Y que sea por muchos años…

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