Murder Mystery (A fictional story)

Four deceased bodies were recovered on Electronic Lane in one week.  A dragonfly and butterfly were found on Tuesday.

Three days later, two beetles were discovered on the same street.  Their bodies were in pristine condition.

Here are exclusive photos from the crime scenes.


Each insect was a respected and active member in the community.  Their deaths have sent shockwaves in the neighborhood.  Everyone has gone in to hiding.  There is a murderer or perhaps murderers on the loose.

Autopsies suggest something more sinister than imagined.  Chemical warfare.

Until final reports are in—insects are advised to be on alert.  Report suspicious activity.  Stay indoors if you can.  Buildings and warehouses are your best defense.  If you can manage the trip, the Arboretum or the LBJ National Grasslands are considered safe zones.

Bee Aware.  Bee Informed.  Keep Buzzing.

Funeral arrangements are being made through Grasshopper & Sons Funeral Home.  Readers are encouraged to return to Big Bertha’s Blog for exclusive coverage in the ongoing investigation and memorial services for each of the deceased.


Camera:  Snapshots taken with iPhone.