New Guest Series! What motivates you?

A recent post on Facebook inspired this new series.  Someone posted they felt discouraged.  Friends and family chimed in to give comfort and counsel.  This got me thinking.


We all have good days and bad days.  What motivates people to move forward on the good days, bad days and the in between?  Quite simply, what motivates people?


I applied the Dale Carnegie principle, “Once you make a decision, act!” and decided I’d start a new blog category that answers this question.  I hardly had a plan for this new series, but that didn’t stop me from asking my friend, Fernando De Los Santos, to be my first guest writer.  He eagerly agreed and I’m excited to share his response and his photos below.  Enjoy!


By Fernando De Los Santos

What motivates me… hmmm. There’s a long list and I wouldn’t know which order to put them in since they change on a daily basis and with age. What motivates me is being successful and being out there. I love sharing my work in regards to music and photography.

What motivates me is leaving a footprint on earth that may take many years to erode away.

One way of leaving your footprint is by doing something and being forever remembered for that achievement through time. Look at Beethoven and people still listen to his music. Picasso and his paintings. Heroes. So, I’m not looking to be a hero, yet rather to leave my footprint of the passions that keep me alive and therefore could inspire others.

Hence the reason I’m about to release my record. It’s a piece of me that could stay on earth for many years after I’m gone. You know? I once told a friend that I kind of figured out how to live forever and when I told him about the footprint, he was blown away and wasn’t expecting my answer to be as such. Maybe he thought I was referring to a fountain of youth.

In summary, leave a footprint and live forever 🙂

That’s what motivates me.



More guest writers coming soon!  If you’d like to participate, please send me an email or post a comment.  All are welcome.