Ode to a Turtle – Limited Appeal

I keep thinking I need to create another blog where I can showcase my macabre photos.  Admittedly, my collection of skeleton photos and other creepy discoveries I find in nature have limited appeal.  Until I start a new blog, I’ll present THREE harmless and pleasant mushroom photos.

If you’re interested in a fascinating turtle skeleton, you’ll find it at the bottom of this post.  The skeleton will also feature an original poem offered by my friend Tore.

For now, here are the mushrooms.

These ‘shrooms were spotted at a park in McKinney.

Look at the size of that one!  (I wear a women’s size 7 shoe). I wish I knew it was safe to eat.  It looks delicious.

Another view of the mushrooms.  You’ll notice the tree trunk – which I imagine contributes to the growth/health of the mushrooms.

That concludes the harmless mushroom photos.  If you’re interested in a fascinating turtle skeleton and original poem read on.





Ode to a Turtle
By Tore Bellis

Oh, turtle, you lie there dead
Skin rotting from your bony head
Evening light sees death’s repose
But at least you’re not offending the nose.

No really, my reptile friend
We are quite sad that you’re at an end
You lie now in eternal sleep
Gone to mystic oceans deep.


Date:  April 2017
Notes:  From a distance, I thought the turtle was alive – just particularly ugly.  But as I got closer, I realized I was mistaken.  Sorry, turtle.