Introducing… Blue Hair Girl

All day, I couldn’t wait to come home and write today’s post.  But now I am at a loss for words.  The photo below will have to do the ‘talking.’


There’s a glare but I think you get the gist.  There’s some serious excitement going on at work and this was well before I even had a Frappuccino in my system!  This day has been in the making for months and depending on perspective, years.  I am grateful for the long, sometimes bumpy and rough road because it makes today feel all the more triumphant.


What do you get when you mix machine embroidery, a quirky sense of humor and streaks of blue hair? The launch of a new brand from Designs in Machine Embroidery. Blue Hair Girl is a fresh and quirky approach to embroidery!


It’s a little scary to do the math, but I’ve been in the machine embroidery industry for over 15 years.  My approach to embroidery and every project I tackle is simple:  It has to be fun. That same spirit is what inspired me to launch the Blue Hair Girl brand.  I am very blessed to have this opportunity with Designs in Machine Embroidery.

Blue Hair Girl makes you smile!
Blue Hair Girl is about approaching machine embroidery with a smile. Blue Hair Girl wants to inspire a smile during the creative process of stitching and deviating from the expected.

Blue Hair Girl gives you wings!
Last year I purchased an official pair of Lindy Hop dance shoes.  The moment I tried them out with my dance partner, I commented, “these shoes give me wings!”  I felt so confident.  That same confidence the shoes gave me is what I want to inspire in others with my products.  Blue Hair Girl products are about having the confidence to try and celebrate milestones.

Blue Hair Girl is unconventional!
From streaks of blue hair victory rolls and polka dot everything to current pop cultural influences, Blue Hair Girl aims to give you something quirky, fun and definitely unique to machine embroidery.

Countless details go in to launching a product.  It starts with an idea then it has to materialize.  Between concept to completion is A LOT of work.  None of it would have happened without the help of my wonderful support, advocates and teammates at work:  Sam and Nhong.  Additional support was provided courtesy of my friend Tore, who took the headshot featured on the packaging.  And of course, kudos goes to my friend Michael from Toni & Guy who did an impeccable job on my hair and makeup.  Of course, without a vehicle like Designs in Machine Embroidery, I wouldn’t be able to achieve this dream.


Patch Celebration is an embroidery design collection featuring 12 embroidery design files, printable instructions and gift tags.



For more information, visit the Designs in Machine Embroidery website.  Patch Celebration is for all skill levels and makes a great gift for anyone with an embroidery machine!

Enjoy free US S&H up to $10.00 (this is good for one week only).  Use coupon code:  celebrate


Photo credits:  Sam Solomon took the first photo shown.