Day Job: Miniatures

I have the privilege of writing the last page of every issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery.  The page is called “A Closer Look” and features my miniatures in unexpected settings – preferably related to machine embroidery.  That, dear readers, is a tall order.  But it’s a challenge I enjoy.

The theme for this particular issue was monogramming so I decided that my miniatures must incorporate monogrammed pillows.  I stitched an obvious monogram – my initials, RDH.  I auditioned the pillow on a rocking chair I happened to have in my stash of useful treasures.  The photo below was just a quick snapshot.


Below is a behind the scenes look at the initial set-up for the shot.  The clouds weren’t intended to be part of the photo.  I figured I could crop the photo.


I spent quite a bit of time perfecting the shot.  In the end, I switched to a warmer, ‘cabin’ feel and I got rid of my RDH pillow.  The other pillows feature my friends’ monograms and interests.  Yes, I really do have a friend named Jessica who likes flamingos!


Visit Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog to read my narrative for the final shot featured above and a short explanation on the embroidery designs featured.  The designs are free if you own Perfect Embroidery Pro software.