Big Bertha's Adventures

Creepy & Pretty

My themes are all over the board and it’s getting worse as I develop new interests.  I like delicate lace embroidery, creepy ventriloquist’s dolls, insects, lost shoes and everything in between.   How to pick a theme for a photography blog?  I chose two random folders on my computer then I selected the photos that most startled me.

I vaguely remember taking this photo below.  It required some patience but it was worth it.  The plant was covered in these insects but I decided to crop the photo so we could just focus on one.  Some brief research suggests the critter is a Milkweed Bug Nymph.

Photo taken at Eisenhower State Park.  June 2015

Big Bertha's Adventures

The photo below startled me because I don’t remember it.  I don’t always look at my photos – I have way too many and even I get bored with my photos.  But it ends up being a pleasant surprise when I do take the time to review them.  This photo is from the Dallas Arboretum, October 2014 with my friend Dawn.  I didn’t make any adjustments to the photo in Photoshop (no color or lighting enhancements.)  All I did was crop and add my name.  The colors are ridiculously vibrant and my “model” looks wonderful.

Big Bertha's Adventures


Camera used:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

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