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If I give you a piece of meat are you going to cook it?

One day I was telling my friend about an experience at work.  Somehow during that process I coined a new phrase and uttered it with such passion and gusto:  “If I give you a piece of meat are you going to cook it?”

No I don’t remember the specifics of why I was so fired up but I do like the new phrase.  I will explain the phrase indirectly below:

  • If you’re given a piece of raw meat will you let it spoil?
  • Will you take the raw meat and put it in the freezer to save for another day?
  • Maybe you’ll forget about the meat altogether.
  • Those with limited skills might put the meat in a microwave and cook it.  It works… but it’s not the best method.
  • Perhaps you’ll recognize the opportunity and will be motivated to make a 5-star rated meal.
  • You might even find a way to make a meal that will feed your family for days.

Put another way, what do you do with the resources and opportunities you have or are given?  Do you use your skills and talents to their fullest potential?

…Of course I like the reference to meat because I love beef.  (I was visualizing prime rib when I said the phrase).  But a spiral cut honey baked ham also makes me quite happy.

Big Bertha's Adventures


  • Photo not taken by any of my top-of-the-line cameras… instead I used my iPhone!
  • I made the beef stew in a crock pot when I was on a cooking kick last year.

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