Big Bertha's Adventures

Baby Shoes and a blanket named Umpy

I took a small stash of cash out at the ATM and headed to a photography studio that is going out of business.  My plan was to stay focused and purchase camera equipment—maybe stands or backdrops.  I have no need for knickknacks… or chairs… well, unless they were special.  I always need a special chair… or two….

I resisted the urge to buy a men’s safari hat (though I am currently regretting it.)  Next to the safari hat was a small box with shoes.

“I don’t need these shoes.” I thought to myself.  “What am I going to do with baby shoes?”

I took the shoes out of the box and noticed they were very old shoes.  I examined the box—it had labels on it.  This box of shoes had character.  Needless to say, I bought the shoes.

When I brought my goodies to the studio owner to see what kind of damage my purchase would make on my bank account, I was pleasantly surprised.

Studio owner:  “How does 100 bucks sound for the lot?”

“Sold!”  I replied with gratitude.  I had purchased a window frame, wall, and countless other wonderful goodies I don’t technically need but will get great use out of one way or another.  Besides, I like a challenge.

This evening I justified my purchase of the baby shoes with a photo shoot.

What additional prop could possibly accompany these old shoes?  I looked at my fabric and paper – nothing was good enough.  Then I had an idea…

I found my old baby blanket… whose name is Umpy, tucked away in a closet.  This well-loved blanket that is 30+ years old, was the perfect addition to the shoes.  Umpy, by the way, had a ‘twin’ but even as a toddler, I knew which one was Umpy and which was the poor substitute.

This was the first photo I took.  I was disappointed because I loved the shot and almost didn’t feel a need to continue.  But where’s the fun in that?

Big Bertha's Adventures

I had to continue.

Baby Shoes and a blanket named Umpy

Here’s a look at the paper that accompanied the shoes.

Baby Shoes and a blanket named Umpy

Notice the commentary about a “chubby foot.”  Also, I had never heard the term, “babyhood”.

Baby Shoes and a blanket named Umpy

Baby Shoes and a blanket named Umpy Big Bertha's Adventures


Camera used:
Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Lens:  50mm

Michelle… I can’t wait to photograph anything and everything next time I see you!  😉

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