Big Bertha's Adventures

Fresh Air!

I needed fresh air this evening.  It was the perfect opportunity to explore my backyard.  Spring arrived almost a month ago but I haven’t taken the time to admire my plant ‘children’ that are sprouting from the ground.  I feel very negligent in my responsibilities toward them but the flowers (and weeds) seem to be ok with that.


I don’t know what this plant is – I purchased it several years ago and initially it was reluctant to grow.  But over the years it seems to get bigger and bigger.  The buds also attract ants.

Big Bertha's Adventures

As I was reviewing my photos, I was rather disappointed.  But it was also pitch dark outside – how could I stage another photo shoot?  Tonight was the perfect opportunity to use my external flash – a gizmo I recently purchased and rarely use.  The photo below is the same plant (but a different bud), using the flash and a tripod.  The ants were still busy.

Big Bertha's Adventures

While these aren’t roses, the adage, ‘take the time to smell the roses’ holds true.

Maybe it’s time for an updated version:  Take the time to photograph the ants.  Try it – you’ll forget everything about your day!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Air!

  1. Denise,

    It looks like a peony bud to me! Ants on the plant are a very good sign -according to my friend who loves peonies;).

    Sent from Angela’s iPad.


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