Big Bertha's Adventures

Saddle Shoes

I waited until the last minute to go shopping for shoes.  I figured I could just wear my plain white shoes but deep down I REALLY wanted saddle shoes.  I found them at a local school uniform store.  They were pricier than I wanted to pay but I reached a point in my mind that I had to have these shoes.  I’m used to seeing children wear this style of shoes–  so when I put them on I looked like an oversized kid wearing them.  Despite this– I loved them.

Before getting them all scuffed up (because I plan on wearing these shoes everywhere– I decided I should photograph them while they are still in their prime.  And not just any setting would do.  I needed to photograph them on hexagon shaped tile.  Fortunately, my favorite location downtown has this tile at many of the entry ways of the shops. I waited until the shops were closed and headed over.

Big Bertha's Adventures

It was getting a little too dark outside so I had to use a tripod for the shot below.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Since it got too dark outside I took the shoes to my home studio for close-up shots.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

Had some fun placing miniature swing dancers on the shoes.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures 

Camera used:
Big Bertha:  Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens:  50 mm and 70-200mm
Additional equipment:  tripod, blue poster board as a sweep
Date:  February 2014

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