Big Bertha's Adventures

Jelly Bean Disaster on Aisle 10…

It was nearly 9 pm at my local Kroger… closing time.  Fortunately they had the automatic door propped open so I was able to walk in with ease.

After grabbing the last package of meat in their ransacked meat department, I happened to walk down the candy aisle.

Jelly Beans!

I tried walking briskly… but the jelly beans looked so good.  I’ll go ahead and splurge one last time and get my jelly bean fix.

I don’t like being stuck with licorice or lemon jelly beans so I decided just this one time, I’d use the self-serve dispensers so I can choose the flavors.

One concern did enter my mind.  What if the dispenser doesn’t close?  On the other hand, why wouldn’t it close?

I pulled the first lever to release my favorite flavor… cinnamon.  It was just a tiny bit.  Next I pulled the lever for the variety of flavors.  My bag was hardly full—I just wanted a very small sampling.  I decided to select one last flavor… Strawberry Cheesecake sounded good.

I pulled the lever.

When I pushed the lever back in, the lever got stuck.  Jelly beans kept pouring into the bag.

How many jelly beans can be stored in these dispensers?  Surely it will stop soon.

It didn’t.  My bag was now overflowing with pink jelly beans.

They started dropping on the floor.  I didn’t know what to do.  I kept pushing the lever back in to no avail.  Jelly beans continued to pour.

Eventually, the flow of jelly beans was reduced to a trickle and then they finally stopped.

I looked around and no one saw or heard a thing.

At the checkout I did confess my jelly bean disaster to the cashier who hardly seemed phased.  She did make sure to announce the disaster on the PA system for all to hear….

Big Bertha's Adventures

My 12 dollar bag of Strawberry Cheesecake jelly beans…

Big Bertha's Adventures

Turns out I don’t really like Strawberry Cheesecake jelly beans.  At least they photograph well.

Date:  December 2013
Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

2 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Disaster on Aisle 10…

  1. What a great story! I love Jelly Bellies and am eating them now. When I go the the dispenser aisle I just can’t decide what to get, so I get a little of everything. But then a little turns into a lot… But at least it’s a sweet lot ;-D

    1. Thank you for reading the story! I walked by the aisle recently and was tempted to get more– but the imagery of Jelly Bellies falling to the floor is still too fresh in my memory. Hehe. Enjoy some Jelly Bellies for me– especially the cinnamon. 🙂

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