Big Bertha's Adventures

Butterfly on Butterfly Bush

I purchased the butterfly bush hoping it was true to its name.  It lasted several years attracting butterflies to the garden.

It took me awhile to place the scent of the blooms – it’s a familiar sweet scent – the scent of Kool-Aid!

Here are a few shots taken at the end of Summer.  Admittedly, it’s in the middle of the day – nice and sunny – not the best time for photography but still worth the practice.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Butterfly coming in for landing.   The stringy substance on the bush is a spider web.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Close-up shot.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Another view.

I cringe when I see these shots – they are not my best.  But they do have value.  My butterfly bush is long gone – (I think the Passion Flower vine enveloped it and everything else in the backyard.)  It’s a good reminder I need to plant another bush.  Plus this particular type of butterfly is always a challenge to photograph – I can see where my skills were then and can compare them to the present.  Practice, experimentation and diligence at learning a skill are important.  I also realize how much I love my new camera, Big Bertha.

Sony DSC-H2

September 2008

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