Long lost butterfly

I consider it a good day when I take at least 200-400 photos.  The flip side of this—at last count, I have over 100,000 photos.  I’ve gone through multiple laptops and hard drives.  There are photos I clearly remember taking even if they are years ago.  Others—like this shot—I feel like I have seen for the first time today. Based on my filing system, it was taken at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens.  The butterfly is on a plant known as salvia—or scarlet sage. Tips: Don’t wait until you reach over 100,000 photos to start sharing them with others.  Hoarding … Continue reading Long lost butterfly

The butterflies taught me patience.

I used to almost exclusively take photos of butterflies, spiders and flowers.  I’ve developed a lot of other interests since those days but it was nature photography that helped me grow in confidence as a photographer.  After all, it takes some patience to photograph butterflies. This photo was taken back in 2005 at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens—one of my favorite places for nature photography.  I used a Sony DSC-V1.  This was the early days of my photography adventures before Big Bertha.  Remember that you don’t need an expensive camera to achieve good results. Continue reading The butterflies taught me patience.