Big Bertha's Adventures

The Summer of 2007—the Season of the Spider!

My neighbor knows I like spiders.  In fact, she found a spider in her yard and threw it over the fence to my yard—because she knew I’d appreciate the ‘guest.’

That is how I had a ‘pet’ garden spider in the summer of 2007.

Big Bertha's Adventures

This spider set up its new home along the corner of my dining room window.  It worked out great because I’d come home and open the blinds.  As I sat and ate dinner I could watch the spider having its dinner.

Usually the spider’s dinner consisted of pesky grub worms that ‘happened’ to end up in its web.  I will spare you from those gory photos… Ok, maybe just one photo…

Big Bertha's Adventures

One day when I returned home I spotted a dragonfly caught in the web.  For all the garden spiders I’ve had, I have never noticed a dragonfly in a spider’s web before.  I prefer grub worms get mysteriously caught in the web—not harmless and interesting looking dragonflies.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Every summer there’s a well-fed spider… there’s also an egg sack!

Big Bertha's Adventures

I’ve always wanted to observe the momentous occasion when the spiders emerge but usually by the time I arrive upon the scene, the egg sack is empty.  But the Summer of 2007 was finally the year.  Admittedly, the photo is horrible but that was before I had Big Bertha (My Canon EOS 5D Mark II).  I contend any photo is better than not having any.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Recognize the wonder and beauty of nature. Capture it with your camera.

Camera:  DSC-H2
Date:  August 2007

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