Art Exhibit: The World As I See It

“The World As I See It” art exhibit is now open through the Visual Art League of Lewisville!  I’ve been looking forward to this theme all year.  It has so many opportunities to think out of the box.  And I did. Have a seat and enjoy the show…

Title:  #FlushedNotFlushed

Artist’s Statement:  It is the norm to share every intimate detail of a person’s day, ignoring propriety and reason for the sake of gaining attention through likes.

Notes:  When I came up with the idea, I wanted to maintain my self-respect—after all, a toilet selfie is crass.  To preserve my dignity, I bought a wig to disguise myself.  Ha. 

Yes, it’s a real toilet but it is a prop.  It’s brand new and temporarily set up in a space where I can easily photograph it.


Title:  Reality vs. The Selfie
Artist’s Statement:  Selfies are not always what they appear.

Notes:  I’ve had this idea for a year.  I finally executed it a couple weeks ago. Click the image to enlarge it. See if you “get” it.

Title:  Shelf of Remembrance 

Artist’s Statement:  The doll baton is my version of a conch from Lord of the Flies. Whoever holds the doll baton has the floor to speak on behalf of drunk driving victims. There are tissues to wipe the tears and a rose to leave at a tombstone.  There’s a tiny piece of shattered windshield that serves as a reminder of irreversible destruction and terror. 

Notes:  I started this piece a year ago.  It is inspired by a car accident from 2015 on the Dallas North Tollway.  The driver did not apologize and I have never forgotten the terror she caused on that day.

I’d love for you to stop by and see the art in person.

Exhibit dates: October 29 – November 26, 2022.

Location:  Lewisville Grand Theater / Lewisville, Texas

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