Assemblage Art: Brick of Self-Control

Assemblage Art: Brick of Self-Control

I exhibited this piece in the “Shifting Perspectives” art exhibit through the Visual Art League of Lewisville earlier this year.   

I had just finished running on the treadmill and was beginning my next set of exercises for the evening.  At that point a song I hadn’t heard in years started blaring on the loud speaker of the gym.  And so the spark of an idea began!

Title:  Brick of Self-Control

Medium:  Assemblage Art

Size:  8” Long x 4” Wide x 8 ½” Tall

Artist’s Statement: 

Denise Holguin is an assemblage artist, photographer and runner. Each of these is represented in this piece, along with lyrics from a 1995 pop-punk song. This work celebrates engaging in interests while vehemently casting doubts aside.

Assemblage Art: Brick of Self-Control

Behind the Scenes

I set up a tripod at the gym and used my iPhone to activate the shutter of my Canon 5D.   I was fastidious in my efforts to get the ideal photo.  It was important the legs, feet and blur were just right.  I ended up having photo shoots on 2 days and I’m sure my fellow gym rats were perplexed.  But it was worth it.  

Assemblage Art:  Brick of Self-Control
I had FOUR of these shirts made years ago and will wear them until they are threadbare).

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