Heartfelt Greetings - Empirical Whimsy

Message in a bottle: heartfelt greetings

Although this piece is small, a lot of heart went into putting it together!

Heartfelt Greetings - Empirical Whimsy

I used a Dremel with a diamond drill bit to make the holes.  Then I inserted an electronics component (a capacitor).  I was so proud to achieve the feat of getting the capacitor placed, it reminded me of a ship in a bottle.

Next, I added a message, “Greetings” with a heart charm attached.

Heartfelt Greetings - Empirical Whimsy

View of the back of the art piece.

Heartfelt Greetings - Empirical Whimsy

Special Feature:
Turn the wire to move the “Heartfelt Greeting” message and charm.

The piece is available for purchase from my Etsy site, Empirical Whimsy.

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