Doll hands, wooden blocks Covid-19 inspired art project

Chaos & Hope

I started this piece a few months ago but had a mental block. But yesterday the spark of ideas flowed so I pulled out the spray paints, leftover embroidered butterfly and assorted whatnots to complete the piece. I call it: “Hope in the midst of chaos“.

Doll hands, wooden blocks Covid-19 inspired art project

Items used:

  • Re-purposed wooden figurine from Pier One Imports.
  • Spare piece of gold ribbon
  • “2020” was cut out of cardstock using the Cricut Maker
  • Embroidered butterfly, likely from OESD
  • Set of kids’ wooden blocks that were spray painted, then black acrylic was rubbed on them for a distressed effect.
  • Rubber hands from Amazon. 🙂
  • Assorted metal nuts that I spray painted in pink and black.
  • Decorative off-white flower bud that I spray painted light pink
  • Old plastic bobbins that I spray painted black. (They are used as spacers between the blocks. I’m quite proud I finally had a use for them).
  • Glue gun, wire

I always get cabin fever during Christmas or snow/ice days. And from what I see on social media, people are getting a little stir crazy being stuck at home during these unusual and difficult times. If you need a little nudge, why not gather some items from your home and make an art piece? It’s actually very relaxing to get lost in the process.

Also, think back to any of your visits to museums when you look at a piece of modern art and you can’t help but say, “that is art? I can do better!” Here’s your chance. 🙂

PS. Thank you to an Instagram follower, @kattzcottagevintage for the inspiration. I saw you were busy with a sewing project and thought, I should do the same in my own way. 🙂 Folks who want to see her work, visit her Etsy page here.

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