A fish tale

There was a brief moment when the rain paused long enough for my friend Tore and I to visit Oak Point Park.  This park makes my list of top city parks because there’s always fun wildlife to observe with very little effort.

Want to see live fish on a sidewalk?  Go to the park after a heavy rain.

Watch the video to see what I mean. (With apologies for not holding the phone horizontally.  I got caught up in the moment and forgot to rotate the phone).  Once you click on the video the orientation improves.

Think the fish on the sidewalk was a fluke? Here’s another video.


We also witnessed fish in this field.


A trip to this park is not complete without crayfish.  I am convinced they are the gladiators of the park.  They stand ready for a battle, as if saying:  “are you not entertained?”  Yes, I am. Thank you for the show.

I didn’t realize how blue the crayfish was until after I took the photo.  No photo editing / filters / etc.  Just naturally, beautifully blue!

Here’s an earthworm on a sidewalk.


Our winged friends were also affected.  It was so wet wasps were looking for dry land.  Or in this case, a hat.


I don’t know what this creature is and I may not want the answer.  I want to believe it’s a spider, right?  Not a tick with very long legs?

This photo gives you an idea of the chaos that must have happened during the heavy rainfall.

Below you see a rail.  To the left of the rail is a sidewalk.


Debris on a park bench.

There were many casualties – we spotted dead fish on the sidewalk, which I won’t share.  There was also a very large rat that didn’t make it.  It was the first creature I spotted at the park.  I screamed then grabbed my camera.  Fortunately for you, I won’t show the gruesome, yet fascinating photo!

And with that, I wrap up with, go out and look for an adventure!


All photos taken with iPhone

September 22, 2018

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