Spend $100, Receive a Free Flamingo Statue!

Last year I purchased an assembled HO scale building for $5.00.  It was a good price, good condition and has great potential.

The original signs were still on the windows and the entire building was unpainted.  (The plastic really is yellow).

I let a year pass before inspiration came to me….

I changed the glaring yellow to a more appropriate cream color and I updated the sidewalk.  I installed new weatherproof windows and painted the front door.  I installed new flooring and added a partition for storage.  (The foundation has notches on it to suggest the original structure had a wall. I used those notches to secure the partition)

But the most glaring change is the giant sign made out of plastic and bamboo skewers with the name:  Chachi’s Tchotchkes and Kolaches.  Say that out loud 3 times!

This is the retail store to visit when you don’t need anything but somehow you manage to spend money and are excited about it.  It’s also the place you go to when you’re hungry but you don’t know what you’re craving.  As an incentive, with every purchase over $100 you’ll receive a giant flamingo statue.  The marketing team thought it would be a good gimmick and so far it’s working.  It turns out, everyone wants a flamingo. It’s become a status symbol in the town.

I did keep the original signs and placed them on the new weatherproof windows.  I love the one that says, “Nothing down, low daily payments.”  The original owner and I share the same sense of humor.

The store has been very successful and will soon be expanding with an outdoor space for cha-cha dance competitions on the weekends.  🙂



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