Old Grouch Lady Protects Others

About a month ago, I treated myself to expensive new running shoes and a fancy pair of socks marked with a left and right foot.  Before I started my workout on the treadmill I paused to take a photo of my new shoes.  I was quite happy with my new purchases and was excited to test the shoes.  Maybe the shoes will help me run faster!

But then a man interrupted my happiness.  He snuck up and got on the treadmill with me. I vehemently told him to get off. He did. Then he asked when I’d start wearing sports bras like some of the other women at the gym.  I scowled at him and reminded him he’s a married man. He said he is but he can still look. He kept harassing me. I told him in my angry tone to get away.

A few days ago was the first time I had seen him at the gym since that harassment. I didn’t seek him out— he was by the stairs to exit. He had just finished talking to a VERY young lady in a sports bra and what some think are shorts but I consider underwear. I expected an apology for his behavior a month ago. Instead he said, ‘hey old grouch lady.”

I turned him in. Not for me but for the very young lady he was talking to and the other women that need to be protected from him.

There are many worse descriptions for that man than his description of me as an Old Grouch Lady.


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