What motivates you, Suso?

This is a special post – because it proves social media can be used in a positive manner.  I “met” today’s writer through Instagram and our WordPress blogs.  Suso often identifies the plants and insects featured in my photos.  What a wonderful resource to have – and he lives across the planet in Galicia, Spain.  I think you’ll enjoy his response to my question, “What motivates you?” Also, be sure to check out his WordPress blog.



If someone visits my blog it is not difficult to deduce what motivates me, what fuels my life, something that runs parallel to my career.

Since I was a little boy I wanted to know what that plant was, why that tree grew in that place, how spiders hunt, what the stones were made of… Over the years, the motivation of knowing evolved towards the motivation of protecting. I was seeing how the natural environment in which I had grown was changing, degrading, being destroyed, and I started to be more proactive, according to my possibilities: allegations of illegal dumping, beach waste removal campaigns, notification of endangered species situation, etc.

Nowadays, my motivation is trying to transmit to our own children everything I have learned, to make them appreciate the beauty of nature items. It’s not an easy task, we have to compete with androids, ipads, playstations… but I think it’s worth it. On the other hand, they have the last word about their tastes and preferences, of course.

The world they are going to inherit will no longer be the same as I enjoyed. However, today we have the tools to raise awareness for our children, such as these social networks. Tools with which perhaps someday they can recover that lost world.

An amazing world I started to discover with my bike and the book that my teacher lent me when I was ten. Thank you very much, Mrs. Amelia, that guide of plants changed my life. I miss you.

Suso, floradegalicia.worldpress.com.


Thank you, Suso, for sharing your story!



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