Litter Patrol

Here are highlights from a couple recent Litter Patrols.  All this trash was picked up in one area that I intentionally will not disclose.  But if you follow this blog, you know where it is.  😉

There’s something to be said about a person who takes floss to a campsite. Hygiene is important….
Then there was a discarded letter from the Health and Human Services Commission regarding benefits….
There was a bottle of expensive shampoo that was rescued from the lake.  I’m more of a Prell girl, myself.  😉
Fished this little gem out of the pond.
I removed the little plant before discarding the broken beer bottle.  The plant deserves to live.
I put on a brave face when I approached this mess.  I’m the last person on this planet that wants to handle other people’s trash – especially ooey gooey peanut butter.  On the bright side, the portion nearest the can was a little dry.  I was able to fold the mess somewhat neatly into the trash.  Thank God.
I felt inspired after picking up can after can of Keystone Lite Beer and cigarettes to coin a new phrase.  I’ll try it out here:
If you don’t care about the little things, you will never be able to afford craft beer.
Admittedly, my choice of beverages is a Frappuccino.
But it does take all types to fill this world.

Date:  April 2017
Location:  My paradise in Texas.
Camera:  I think mostly my iPhone.
Notes:  On the surface, Litter Patrol is not in the same category of fun as other activities – but it’s satisfying work.  It’s also fascinating/eye opening to see how other people live by observing the trash they leave behind.