Trash: What it says about a person

I mentioned in a recent post that I am an official LBJ National Grasslands volunteer.  My friend and I are on litter and vandalism patrol.


You can learn a lot about a person by the trash they keep… or rather, the trash they toss at the LBJ National Grasslands.

I will resist the very strong temptation to add descriptions to the photos.   If you’re reading this blog – you are very capable of filling in your own captions.  I will only mention the location the photos were taken.

Black Creek Lake (back of park)

Pringles:  Black Creek Lake (opposite side of park)

Black Creek Lake (opposite of park)

Cottonwood Lake

Cottonwood Lake


Curiously, there weren’t any Starbucks cups or similar trash at the site.

Camera:  Canon G16, Canon 5D Mark IV (Rockalita Sunshine).  The opening photo by Tore Bellis – 5D Mark IV
Date:  March 2017
Notes:  People who take pride in the little things, take pride in the bigger things.  Others….