I spotted umbrella-like plants sprouting out of the ground.  They were so intriguing.

Like every good parent with her kids on spring break, I made my teenage miniature, Armando, pose in front of the plants.

He was not happy about it.

He will thank me when he’s older.  😉

Here’s another view of the plant – with a bloom.  A quick search revealed it’s called a Mayapple.  Click the link for more information on the Mayapple.

Camera:  Rockalita Sunshine (Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)
Lens:  My beloved 100 mm macro lens (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L macro IS)
Location:  Lake Dangerfield and Faulkner Park Nature Trail
Notes:  Spring is here.  Go outside and explore all the wonders that nature has to offer.