I got angry

I had a visceral reaction when I looked at the cement barricades.  What disgusting, abhorrent, crude behavior.

Someone spray painted obscenities on the cement barricades at ‘my’ LBJ National Grasslands.  There were beer cans and other trash left in the area as well.  There is no excuse for this behavior.  The LBJ National Grasslands are beautiful – natural – peaceful – and meant to be pristine.  Not trashed and vandalized.

No.  I will not accept this.

I took action.

I made a call, filled out paperwork and became an official volunteer for the Grasslands.  I am authorized to pick up litter and take care of the vandalism.

Date:  March 2017
Camera:  Canon G16.
Notes:  Don’t like something?  Roll up your sleeves and get involved in a positive way.  And if possible, wrangle your friends to participate too!


Photo courtesy of Tore Bellis