The night I tried to feed a toad.

I was walking at a favorite park with my friend when we spotted a toad.

The night I tried to feed a toad

Having fed plenty of grasshoppers to spiders, I decided to expand my resume by trying to feed a toad.

I found a sacrificial cricket nearby.

I detest crickets and have never tried to capture one with my bare hands.  Normally I would shriek at the thought.  But it was a small one.  I convinced myself it wasn’t as horrible as a full size cricket.  And for a chance to feed a toad, it’s worth it.


I flung the cricket near the toad and missed my target.

Determined, I stalked my next prey — a grasshopper.

The night I tried to feed a toad.
Photo courtesy of Tore Bellis. Either this shot was a mistake (most likely) or he was going for an Alfred Hitchcock effect.


With the grasshopper in my hand, I approached the toad and said, “give us a good show.”

I tossed the grasshopper near the toad. The toad grabbed it and held it.  I was stunned.

I took plenty of photos from a distance and inched my way closer and closer.  I managed to get down on my knees, holding the camera phone a few inches from the spectacle.

The night I tried to feed a toad.

Satisfied with my collection of photos, I got up and thanked the toad.

As if to demonstrate he understood, the toad tossed the grasshopper aside.


And that is the story of how I became the Toad Whisperer.  😉


Camera:  iPhone
Photo credits:  Tore Bellis took the photos of me (and my shadow)