A little too close to nature

We approached Black Creek Lake.  There was a fascinating tree hollowed out – it was just large enough for my ventriloquist’s doll Percival to pose for a photo… or maybe I could fit?  I didn’t want to walk back to the car to get the doll so I decided I’d try to fit my head through the tree.  My head would provide better scale for the photo anyway.

A little too close to nature

I approached the tree and surveyed the area.  There was an ant mound that could be a problem.  I tapped the mound with my shoe to see if ants would emerge.  Nothing.  The area looked safe.

I got down on my knees and poked my head through the tree.  Tore suggested putting a flashlight inside the tree for even more dramatic effect.  I happened to have a flashlight in my vest and pulled it out.

A little too close to nature

I repositioned myself on the ground—lying flat, fitting my head through the tree.  I saw spider webs inside the tree.  But none of the webs looked fresh.  It was rather cozy in there.  My torso and stomach felt a bit sore – I seemed to have a lot of uncomfortable gear packed in the front of my vest.

A little too close to nature

The photos were taken and I carefully got up off the ground.

When I got up, I looked down where I had been and I screamed.  I could barely get the words out.

There’s a spider!

I got closer to the spider and was convinced it was playing dead.  It wasn’t moving.

We poked the spider with a stick.  It was lifeless.

My best guess – I must have squashed the spider with all my camera gear in my vest.  (WHEW!)

A harrowing experience at the LBJ National Grasslands

Location:  LBJ National Grasslands
Date:  September 24, 2016
Photos:  The two photos with me in the tree are courtesy of Tore Bellis.
Notes:  This incident happened before the Harrowing Experience.