Big Bertha's Adventures

Of all the photos from today I chose this one…

Of the almost 300 photos I took today and the additional 300 from yesterday, I decided the best photo to feature was this ant.  Now the question is why?

I didn’t plan on photographing a dead ant.  In fact, I was positioning myself on the sidewalk to photograph mushrooms when this ant caught my eye.

It was an insignificant ant and a dead one too.  Those factors made it worthwhile for me to snap a photo.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon 5D Mark II)
Lens:  Beloved Macro (100 mm)
Date:  April 2015
Location:  Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve
Additional info:  
f-stop:  6.3
Exposure time:  1/200 sec
ISO:  320

Tips:  Explore and take photos of everything great and small.

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